Social Media Users Left Shaken After One Woman’s Close Encounter With A Whale

It only takes a couple of good nature documentaries to realize that whales are majestic creatures. Their size and grace is unmatched by almost anything else on planet earth, let alone  in the ocean. That said, they’re not exactly the most approachable of animals and it can’t always be a fun experience being up close and personal with them. 

This is what one anonymous woman found out in a video that has recently gone viral. Lounging in the sea outside a small boat, a huge whale suddenly leaps out of the water only feet in front of her and makes terrifying sounds before she jumps up back to safety. Despite the potentially trauma inducing event and the horrified reaction of many social media users, she seems happy to have been able to have the encounter with the creature. It also could have gone a lot worse — at least she was lucky to avoid being swallowed.

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