Spookiest McDonald’s Memes to Fill Your Nostalgic Boo Buckets Up with for Halloween

McDonald’s has brought back its iconic «Boo Buckets» from 1986 for their happy meal gift this Halloween season and Gen-X and millennials are so excited, it’s scary. (Which is perfect, because it’s Spooktober, baby!) If you remember those plastic buckets that came in all kinds of spooky characters like a ghost, ghoul, jack-o-lantern and more, then you better get your adult-goth self to the nearest McDonald’s fast before they run out of your favorite nostalgic fast-food toy. These were in the houses of Gen-X and millennials their entire life. It became a staple Halloween decoration or your go-to trick-or-treat bucket to collect all your candy in. McDonald’s doesn’t need spooky themed Happy Meal toys to be scary, however. Everything about the corporation is already terrifying. Their constant scary scandals aside, they have had scary mascots and limited offers their entire existence. I mean, have you seen a picture of the original Ronald McDonald?? He’s a sleep paralysis demon, for sure… 

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