Stupid Memes For Proud Fools

It’s okay to be a little bit silly. It’s even more okay to be such a foolish individual that you can barely be serious within our very serious society. I am one of those people, and being foolish and goofy has done nothing but bring joy into my life. In medieval times, kings and queens had jesters, also known as fools, that served as entertainment for the royal family. There were two different types of fools: artificial fools and natural fools. Artificial fools were typical jesters who used their wits to make others laugh. Natural fools were often people with mental or physical disabilities; their disabilities were what the royal families found amusing. Yikes! These roles and phrases have fallen out of usage since medieval and Renaissance Europe. When was the last time you heard someone be called a «fool»? If you’re a proud fool, these foolish memes might make you laugh or dance a jolly gig.

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