Swifties Respond to Taylor Swift’s Announcement of Her Upcoming Album «Midnights» at The VMAs

Taylor Swift’s experiences at the MTV Video Music Awards have been wild, to say the least. When Kanye West came onstage at the iconic 2009 VMAs during Taylor’s speech for her «Video of the Year» award win, the world watched as America’s newest pop princess got her big moment snatched away from her. Luckily, Beyonce allowed her to finish her speech that night, and ever since then, Ms. Swift has dominated the Video Music Awards. Last night, she became the first artist to win «Album of the Year» three times, and it seems like she will not stop producing incredible and award winning music anytime soon.

Taylor Swift announced her next album, Midnights, at the VMAs last night, similarly to how Lady Gaga announced Born This Way at the 2009 VMAs. Swifties around the world rejoiced at this news and shared their thoughts about the new album on Twitter. 

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