The Best Spider-Man Memes for People Who Have Been Obsessed with the Superhero Since 2002

It was just Spider-Man‘s birthday so we had to do a quick stan roundup. We KNOW Spider-Man has been around since the ’60s, okay? He’s a classic comic book hero and he is beloved since his first appearance. BUT we’re just focusing on the Spider-Man heroes starting with Tobey Maguire in 2002 because why not? Tobey was just as much a classic as 1962 Spider-Man—also Andrew Garfield Spidey and now Tom Holland. They are each their own and when they came together in No Way Home—done. Take us away, Spider-Man! Sling us through the city attaching your web to who knows what! Swing us through the early 2000s to now and we’ll still love every bit of you. Those «Spider-Man fans» who have only seen Holland Spider-Man… Educate yourself. 

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