The Funniest Shocked Auntie Twitter Memes

We all love puns, right? No, No, we don’t. Puns can often be the fodder of dull people who desperately want others to think they’re clever. I don’t want to sit around all day and listen to half-jokes from someone who would rather be witty than be funny. My perfect pun does not make any sense on the most fundamental level. I want a pun that makes people question the art and science of wordplay

Luckily, the latest Twitter meme fits perfectly into my philosophy of pun-making. The viral «Shocked Auntie» meme follows a straightforward format. The captions go as follows: «[CELEBRITY NAME] when [INSANE PUN OF THAT CELEBRITIES NAME] walks in,» accompanied by a video of a shocked woman. These memes are nothing groundbreaking, but the wild amalgamations of pun names and the hilarious dramatics of the gasping auntie work together beautifully. If you’ve somehow missed out on this trend, the tweets below are the best of the best. 

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