Tiktoker Calls Random Guys ‘Short Kings’ and Their Reactions Are Priceless

The ego is a fragile beast, easily triggered and quick to get defensive. We all have our insecurities—are we even human without them? For a century, Hollywood and advertising has told women they should look a certain way, and if they don’t, then they’re unattractive. For many men, it’s height. Young men on the shorter side often have low-self esteem because society tells them tall men are masculine and attractive. A young woman who goes by @sadikhansk on TikTok decided to do a little trolling and see just how much she could trigger random guys by calling them ‘short kings.’ The comments she left on live feeds weren’t mean or mocking, she simple said ‘we love a short king’ followed by three hot-faced emojis. The reactions from the young men were anything but grateful for the compliment. Some shot up in disbelief, touching the ceiling to prove their tallness. Most of them immediately claimed to be six feet tall. One or two dudes conceded in the end.

Listen, there’s nothing unattractive about being short. Don’t listen to what the internet says. We do love a short king. People come in all shapes and sizes and that’s a beautiful thing. Keep scrolling to see these sensitive lads’ hilarious reactions to being called ‘short.’

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