TikToker Catches Husband Filming Bikini’d Babe, Enrages the Internet

Cue the Curb Your Enthusiasm tuba…we’re about to share a tale of a comical error of judgement. You know, some serious «dog house» behavior. Today’s tale of internet facepalm-ery comes courtesy of married TikToker @thicctok5280 who shared the following video from her Florida vacation.

As you can see, @thicctok5280 was really hamming it up in the gently lapping Florida waves for her husband, who was filming. But according to OP, he was never really filming her. Instead, she believes he was immortalizing the bikini-clad beachgoer just a little further in the distance. At first, as the Denverite tries some fun poses, it does seem like the scantily clad babe was truly just in the background, at the end of the clip, it really seems like our videographer needed just one last glimpse of the woman’s wet assets. 

While we may never know the truth, the video seemed to inspire some serious emotion from married
and single women. Besides the handful of husband apologists, people seem to agree: this shit is both hurtful and an invasion of Miss Bikini’s privacy. We’re just surprised this woman would want to publicize the mortifying moment. 

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