TikTokers Turn To Life Of Crime As They Pretend To Unlock Celebrities’ Phones

We all know that the internet age has left celebrities much less untouchable than they seemed before. Sure, they may have some of the most sophisticated security imaginable, but that hasn’t stopped certain nefarious TikTokers from dreaming up a Bling Ring-style heist by stealing their mobile phones.

There’s only one catch: you’ve got to be a doppelganger. Now that Face ID is everywhere, finessing a resemblance to somebody rich and powerful could be just the ticket to their Apple Pay. It’s no wonder that all sorts of people have been trying their hand at the trend, even if it’s unlikely that a famous iPhone will mysteriously slip into their possession.

While many of the examples focus on well-known people, some have also begun to use the meme to satirize stereotypes of certain social groups, too. Time to add «lookalike stealing from bank account due to inadequate phone safety measures» to our list of unreasonable fears.


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