Top 10 Best Emo Intros: Musicians Are Making Their Own Versions of Midwest Emo Song Intros and the Results Are Incredibly Nostalgic

Everyone went through a little bit of an emo phase. You probably had some heavy-handed black eyeliner at one point and you might have even thought about getting facial piercings. For some people though, it wasn’t just a phase, this is the real them. These emotional, depressed, semi-adult human beings own an entire fleet of black flannels, sport grungy beanies all year long, and use Sharpie to fill in the gaps in their nail polish. So if you’re still reliving your first breakup, stealing Monster energy drinks from the gas station, or complaining about the Midwestern prison you live in, are you even considered emo? Well, recently musicians online have been crushing the Midwestern emo stereotype, creating riffs and intros of their own that are flipping the genre on its head. The kicker? Most of these musicians are using ‘vocals’ sourced from every where imaginable: TV, movies, nostalgic reruns, and even random viral videos. It turns out, any emotional conversation (especially an apology or a break up) can sound exactly like a midwest emo song intro and we are all here for it.

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