Totally Unhinged Memes That Haunt Your Feed and Make Your Chuckle at 2AM

Humanity is weird and the Internet has become an outlet of weirdness ever since the dawn of online existence. For some reason, the deep dives and rabbit holes we find ourselves in at 2AM are always the most disturbing and we find ourselves on sites and looking up things that aren’t quite dark web, but almost there. 


Memes in particular start becoming too real and a little unhinged, just like our lovely planet. Unhinged humor is worth the biggest nose snort you can muster, making you laugh at things that are painfully true, actually happened, or make a point that nobody during daylight hours would think of. However, our weirdest and most fatigued moments online can produce the silliest memes, the darkest humor, and the most relatable memes of your life. So go fourth, don’t get ANY sleep, and keep scrolling, because a memeable genius lies ahead of you in your online unhinged journey.

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