Twitter Imagines A Post-Covid World Thanks To Changing CDC Guidelines

It felt like the day might never come, but the light at the end of the Covid tunnel is beginning to look a little more real. With hospitalizations decreasing and vaccinations on the up, Thursday saw the CDC approve that fully vaccinated people could go maskless in many indoor public spaces.

Some met the announcement with relief, while others debated the safety or relevancy of these new measures. However, the greatest impact of the announcement was not its contribution to the never-ending discourse, but rather that it created a new meme. Ever since Twitter users have been making claims on what people can and can’t do on behalf of the CDC and have been getting increasingly creative.

After over a year of complying to restrictive and occasionally confusing public health regulations, it’s understandable why people are enjoying making up a few of their own. Whether they offer a good excuse to offer personal gripes more authority or they give the not so subtle hint that all that germ spreading physical affection has been missed, there are a new set of rules in town and it’s about time we all sat up and noticed. Just don’t start a fight with the anti-vaxxers.

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