Twitter Reacts to Allegations Against ‘Rick and Morty’ Co-creator Justin Roiland

It’s been a crappy weekend for a certain brand of annoying nerd. Justin Roiland, AKA the voice of both Rick and Morty, has seen a spectacular fall from grace after being outed as an all-round awful person. 

First up, there came the revelation that Roiland was charged with an incident of domestic abuse in 2020, with the trial set to begin soon. As if that wasn’t enough, this story then uncovered incidences of him sending sexually harassing and offensive DMs to the likes of musician Allie Goertz, and an anonymous underage girl. 

It’s enough to make any superfan feel guilty at how fast they binged the sixth season of his controversial comedy. On top of that, it leaves everyone wondering whether he will actually end up being brought to justice. While the future of Roiland and the show may hang in the balance, people haven’t been shy on sharing their reactions to the news. When somebody has behaved like this, they deserve to be the butt of every dumb joke. 

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