Twitter Reacts To Mega Rich Texas High School With a Food Court Cafeteria And College-Level Football Facilities

If you are not from Houston or Dallas-Fort Worth, you do not know the depth and breadth of Texas high school football. I don’t care if you’ve watched and read Friday Night Lights, it is even more intense than you can ever imagine. Public high schools in Texas spend millions of taxpayer dollars every year on football facilities and equipment. My high school’s football stadium wasn’t even at our high school. They had a whole separate stadium a couple of miles away from the school itself. There are high schools with over three thousand students in a single building. Parents hold back their kids a year for kindergarten so that they will be bigger than all of their classmates and make the football team. If you’re not used to it, rich Texas public high schools are jarring to look at. Recently, some pictures of a new Texan school called Walnut Grove High School went viral on Twitter, and the non-Texans were shocked at just how huge it is, among other things. 

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