Twitter Thread: Yet Another Cyberpunk 2077 Update Ignites Heated Debate

@CyberpunkGame hit Twitter with another cursed yellow message this morning after Sony pulled the digital game from the PlayStation Store in light of negative criticism over poor performance. Anyone who already bought the digital version of the game can get a refund from PlayStation, but many are still sad, outraged, and disappointed with CD Projekt for poor management of the release. Both PC & console gamers used this as an opportunity to lean into their respective sides—PC users smugly tweeted about how well the game runs for them since Cyberpunk was initially developed to be a PC game, while console enthusiasts criticized CD Projekt for failing to optimize the game for consoles after eight years of development. Others have expressed their sympathy for the developers, who are no doubt under a lot of stress. And of course, some are just memeing about it.

We’ve put together some highlights from the thread to give you a sense of the heated arguments that this announcement has sparked, but you can read the full, ongoing thread here

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