Wedding Memes For Soon To Be Married Folk

Happy Wedding Season? I don’t think it’s really wedding season, but it’s wedding season for me because I’m about to go to the very first wedding of someone my own age. I thought I might be freaked out that one of my high school friends is about to get hitched, but I’m doing nothing of the kind. If I were a Christian 22-year-old who had been with my boyfriend for 6 years, there’s no way I wouldn’t be lining up at the altar at press time. 

The worst things about weddings (according to my friend who’s about to get married) are that they’re so stressful. People are asking you a million questions, you have to book all of these services, and it’s extremely expensive. People who are about to get married need to opportunity to take the edge off a little bit. Not just through bachelor and bachelorette parties but with wedding memes

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