Weird and Wonderful BeReals That Had Perfect Timing

Everything can change in the space of a moment. Sometimes, it doesn’t take much for that one crucial thing to happen that will make nothing seem the same again (or, you know, at least not for the next five minutes). Equally, there are billions of moments in our lives that are slightly odd in some way that it won’t take long for us to forget. 

The one thing that unites these two polar opposites in 2022 comes in the form of an app: BeReal has ripped through Gen Z and beyond with a fervor this year, providing us with some hilarious moments in the process. That dastardly notification can come at the strangest of times, and the results are pure entertainment. While the rest of us might have to settle for showing off slightly different angles of our laptop screen every day, some people are out there doing the most. They don’t always look like they’re having fun, though. 

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