Wholesome Memes For Kind Souls

These days, going on the internet often feels like you’re stuck in a machine specifically designed to make you have a bad time. The algorithm shows you content guaranteed to make you mad; sure enough, you read it, get angry, and post about it more, feeding into the monster. One would think that eventually, you’d have a bad enough time just to quit these hostile social media platforms altogether, but the anger they induce gets addicting. It is fun to be outraged, especially when you’re outraged with the rest of the outraged intelligentsia. 

Nobody is born bitter about memes and social media posts. When we all began our journeys online, those posts were fun! Through over a decade of watching different kinds of memes fall in and out of style, it’s natural to become jaded with the negative qualities memes can certainly possess. However, there’s something about wholesome memes that never go out of style. 

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