Wholesome Old People Facebook Posts That Prove Not All Boomers are Bad

We criticize baby boomers a lot here at Memebase, and deservedly so! They’ve been acting foolish since they were teenagers, and even though it pains us, today, we’re here to show boomers some love. If there’s one thing baby boomers love to do, it’s being active on Facebook. Most boomers do not get social media, and they probably never will. If there’s one arena of the online world they thrive in, it’s Facebook dot com. There, baby boomers can connect with friends from high school, sell their possessions on Facebook marketplace, and share too many personal details on their feeds. They will post a lot about their grandchildren and comment excessively on posts that are not meant for them. Facebook would not be the same without people born between 1946 and 1964. They add some spice that apps like TikTok just don’t have. If you love to watch the goofy antics of old people on Facebook, these posts will brighten up your day. 

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