Woman Discovers Bead That Was Stuck in Her Nose for 20 Years

When I saw @hannah.lham‘s viral TikTok about recovering a 20 year old bead from deep inside her sinuses, I thought for sure it was a hoax. How can a baby stick a plastic bead up their tiny nostril and never once notice it again over the years as they grow up? In the first video of her ‘nose bead’ series, Hannah explains that she was experiencing a bad sinus infection when an early childhood memory came rushing back. When she was just a toddler, Hannah stuck a blue bead in her nose and then completely forgot about it. What she thought was just a ‘massive booger’ irritating her nasal passage was the blue bead from 20 years earlier finally making itself known. Turns out, it’s not all that uncommon. Several people in the comments related to Hannah’s story and shared their own strange experiences with foreign objects. Keep scrolling for the complete nose bead saga. 

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