‘You want the exact amount, you get the exact amount’: Sweet shop regular insists on buying food by weight, employee complies by giving him less food

This teen spent a few months working at their uncle’s sweet shop for a summer, and got to experience what happens when «tempers and temperatures» run high.

As a young teen, this person really wanted a PS3, but couldn’t afford one. So their dad and uncle came up with a plan: if this teen could work at the uncle’s sweet shop for a few months over the summer months. The OP, u/CrackSnap7, took the offer. 

Like many first jobs, you get to know the ropes of a trade as well as learning some valuable customer service lessons. One of those is that customers always think they’re right — so you may as well play along with their delusions if you can. 

Sometimes, people are just confused. They might think they grabbed an item that’s 40% off, but it’s actually just regular price. Then, as you try to explain the concept of specific sale items, the customer’s brain seems to shut off for a moment. It’s like they can’t comprehend how they could possibly be wrong, and you, as someone who works at the store, certainly doesn’t know more than they do. Some customers need to be told multiple times why they can’t have what they want, and they still get upset. 

At least this Karen customer got a taste of his own medicine. He kept demanding the proper amount of a delicious snack, so the employee did exactly as asked. 

Next up, this person is tall, which makes flying on airplanes a bit of a challenge, especially when other passengers get into squabbles with them over space. 

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