Zodiac Memes For Mercury in Retrograde

It is very well possible that you are completely ignorant of the field of astrology. If that is you, and you only clicked on this for the expressed purpose of being a hater, welcome. Your presence is noted and valued because we’ve just entered one of the most recognizable astrological periods of the year. Ladies and gentlemen: Mercury is officially in retrograde.

Even if you’ve never looked at your horoscope in your entire life, you’ve definitely heard of Mercury in retrograde. This astrological phenomenon has been memed to death and deserves nothing less. When Mercury is in retrograde, it essentially means that everything is a little weird and wonky. Things are noticeably different in a distinctly un-good way. Babies are crying, people are dying, and that first planet from the sun is getting all wacky. It’s certainly a time to pay attention to changes in your life and, more importantly, to astrology memes. 

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