Absolute Units With Awe-Inspiring Sizes

«In awe of the size of this lad. Absolute unit.» Since the day these words were first uttered nearly 5 years ago, we have been remarking on people, food, animals, and objects who have accomplished much in the field of bigness. Usually, if a person or an animal is deemed too big, we tend to criticize them for being «too fat» or «posing danger to their health.» But if something or someone is so absurdly big that it goes beyond what the mind is used to deeming as big, they’re an «absolute unit.» 

To be an absolute unit is to be exceptional. You don’t get to the 99 percentile of size for your respective group without putting some hard work into it. All of the absolute units of the world deserve to be lauded for their great accomplishments, and the following absolute units are a testament to the greatness of being huge. 

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