Boba Shop Employees Forced to Stand All Shift After Customer’s Complaints About Their Chair

Annoying thing number 109345 that customers do: they constantly pry into affairs that are none of their business. Working a job that has you on your feet all day is punishing, especially when you are standing still for long periods of time. Nonetheless, some people just cannot stand the idea of somebody providing them a service and having some level of comfort at the same time. 

This seemed to be what happened at the workplace of @peachfxll, where a patron at their boba shop had taken offence that all the employees had access to a single chair while they were on shift. Taking to TikTok to satirize how this individual had made their job harder, viewers were sympathetic to the annoyance it had caused. Many had horror stories of their own about customers and companies who couldn’t wrap their heads around the need to sit. Since when did this affect their ability to do their job?

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