Classic Memes to Bring you Back to Childhood

Do nostalgic posts about your childhood in the 90s and early 2000s send you into a existential panic, but in a fun way? Well, then have I got the memes for you. 

TikTok videos exalting elementary school classroom Christmas parties from our childhoods are the most emotionally crushing of recent nostalgia posts. They feature a wistful rendition of «Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas» in the background, featuring old images of kids watching the Polar Express, playing in the snow, and just generally celebrating the season in the aughts. Posts like these really send you spiraling back to those times when the holidays were actually magical, and you were really happy. And that’s when the existential spiraling starts kicking in; Why do images that remind me of my childhood make me feel so happy, yet so sad? Is it possible for me to every feel what I felt then? Nostalgia can be quite a bummer, but not all nostalgic content has to be so latently depressing. Sometimes, it’s just fun to see memes about shows you watched as a kid, and remember your childhood fondly.

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