Fresh and Funny Tweets From the Silly Gooses of Twitter (November 30, 2022)

Well. It’s happened. I’ve gone and contracted Covid-19 again. It started small – with a little scratch in my throat and a low cough. Every year, without fail, I’ll get sick with some flu or sinus matter, and then it always turns into bronchitis. So I thought I was cool. But no. I’m stuck in my room typing away with the piddling amount of strength I have left, fighting off the fever and phlegm. Lovely, right? 


When I’m sick as a dog, most of the joy that is derived from everyday life gets thrown out the window. I can’t see my boyfriend. I can’t taste good food. I can’t go to my favorite bars or restaurants and I can’t even take part in my favorite hobby: grocery shopping. It’s brutal. All I’ve got is my new subscription to AMC+, and the wild and crazy minds of Twitter. To celebrate the latter, I’ve deliriously put together this fresh batch of funny and relatable tweets from the site’s best riffers. While I hope you don’t have Covid-19, maybe they’ll help you, too. 

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