‘I’m Too Old for This’ : Epic Relatable Thread for the Millennials With Greying Hair

Eventually, you reach that age where you feel…  for lack of a better word, ancient. It’s just… you’re so tired, and everything hurts all the time. You begin taking on yoga in a dire attempt to heal your aching body. And why does nobody tell you about hangovers lasting a total of three days?! That should be in an instruction sheet somewhere, for real. As for all this Gen Z slang going on, we don’t even know what the point of the language English is anymore. Slay? Bet? Giving? WHAT ARE YOU EVEN TALKING ABOUT?

The upside of becoming older is the fact that you just don’t care anymore. About anything. Especially not about people’s stupid opinions. Or going out after 9 pm. While scrolling through Reddit, we came across the ultimate question — what is 30 too old for? The thread was epic and relatable, and we felt we had to share it. So scroll down and check it out for yourself.

If you’re one of those geniuses that come up with all their best ideas in the shower, click here for some of the best verdicts by fellow smart people.

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