Millennial Party Hosts Showcase Wet Vacuum Cleaner, Excite 30-Somethings on Twitter

There are a few different hallmarks that tell us a person is moving on from their youth. They start to complain of mysterious aches and pains, and seem to be finding a cozy night in a far more attractive prospect than hitting the club. Things like marriage and babies start to become a much more legitimate possibility, and most importantly of all, the prospect of good quality home appliances becomes the most exciting thing in the world.

Honestly, I think that last one is the most understandable. Chores are a drag, and anything that makes them go by quicker is nothing to be sniffed at. This is something that some viral house party guests seemed to understand perfectly, as the internet was amused by their ecstatic reaction to their host demonstrating his wet vacuum cleaner.

It’s little surprise that numerous millennials and even Gen Z had to chime in to sing their praises. With technology like this, who needs a beer keg?

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