Self-Centered Times Americans Acted Like They Were the Center of the Universe

Every country in the world has its share of offensive national stereotypes. The French are rude, the British are stuck up, and Americans? Let’s just say that they have a fatal case of main character syndrome. The USA has a reputation on the international stage for making everything about itself.

In one way it is understandable, considering its weight as world power. On the other hand, it can come across as mighty annoying — and produce some moments of extreme stupidity. North America might be an impactful part of the world, but Earth doesn’t revolve around it. 

You wouldn’t think that to speak to some of the more misguided patriots, though. There are a lot of Americans out there that have some pretty selfish ideas on the importance of the country that they’re from. It makes for some embarrassing reading, not that anyone in the examples below will think that. Land of the brave indeed.

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