Twitter Thread: NYC Resident Gets Roasted After Wondering Where People Buy Stuff Without Bodegas

If there’s one thing we know about Twitter, it’s that people love to argue at length about the most minute regional differences, such as buying things in a store. New York City resident @AlisonLeiby stirred up some spicy controversy when she cheekily asked people who live outside the city where they buy Diet Coke, paper towels, and peanut M&Ms. Midwesterners and Floridians sarcastically described the woes of ‘primitive living,’ while others took the opportunity to accuse New Yorkers of having little knowledge of the country outside their bubble. Some weren’t so critical of the question and instead argued that shopping in a New York bodega is its own special experience you can’t get elsewhere. 

Sometimes the most mundane differences between how people live can cause a barrage of hot takes, or at the very least, an interesting discussion. We’ve collected some highlights from the highly controversial thread

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