23 Dank & Self-Deprecating ‘My Parents At Age 29’ Memes

Ever take a step back from your life and wonder if you’re just doing it wrong? It’s easy to feel that way when you compare yourself to your parents. Many of us deal with these feelings, especially if we’ve surpassed the age at which our creators decided they were ready to bring life into this godforsaken world. A new Wojak comic meme completely excels at utilizing this theme, and the results are our favorite kind of self-deprecating humor. The meme basically compares what our parents were doing (making commitments, investing in the future) with what we’re doing at that age. The punchline is that in 2020, we’re doing shit that’s way less mature. You know, making mistakes like eating pills of the ground or infantilizing ourselves with phrases like «I’m baby.» While some of these memes hit home pretty hard, a couple of them are great reminders that progress is possible. It’s also important to remembe that the world was a different place when our parents were our age. It’s always better to focus on one’s self and the possibilities we do have. 

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