90s Memes For The Real 90s Kids

What does it truly mean to be a 90s kid? I’d say there are two competing definitions that will likely always be at odds with each other. The first 90s kids are the people who truly spent a bulk of their childhood in that decade. They are probably the group most deserving of the label. The other group of 90s kids are those born in the 1990s. I am just barely in that latter group of 90s kids, being born in the literal last year of the 1990s. By my metric, if you lived through Y2K, you’re a 90s kid. 

There was a time when being a 90s kid really gave you clout. I remember in the mid 2010s, 90s kids would sing the praises of their pre-social media childhood while scoffing at anyone who dared to be born after December 31st, 1999. Now, the tides have surely turned, and Generation Alpha is roasting 90s kids like the elderly gentlemen they perceive us to be. It doesn’t pay to be a 90s kid these days, but we can still be proud of our most formative years

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