A Silly Selection of Starter Pack Memes

Who says that your favorite memes need to be current? Memes come and go so quickly these days. New memes are loved one minute and despised the next. Keeping up with the latest online trends can be exhausting and unsustainable. 

I have a lot of nostalgia for the 2014-2016 era of Twitter memes. Back then, there was about one huge viral meme per month that we could all really sit with. We would spend weeks developing different variations of Arthur Fist, Left Shark, and Kermit Sipping Tea memes to our heart’s content. Memes felt like a cultural moment rather than a blip in time. These are the memes that will be remembered for generations to come. 

One of my favorite memes from this era was the Starter Pack meme. Assembling a group of nostalgic, evocative, relatable images for a corresponding starter pack feels so cozy. Starter Pack memes are all about communicating a vibe, and the following memes are no exception. 

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