Artists Of Twitter Try Their Hand At Drawing A Baby Vulture Wearing Pants

Need to inject some simple happiness into an otherwise bleak reality? Well, the hellhole that is Twitter surprised us this week with some good old fashioned internet wholesomeness. On Monday, Chappell Ellison shared a Tumblr post from cosmictapestry with a photo of a cranky-looking baby vulture wearing a dapper pair of pants. While the trousers were intended to keep the bird from messing with his leg splints, they have made him a bit of a celebrity on Twitter – with the help of Ellison’s request that someone draw the sartorially blessed fellow. 

The request, which may or may not have been serious, was fulfilled by many of Twitter’s artists and executed with varying degrees of skill. While the thread does boast some impressive and realistic depictions, we’re more into the crude MS Paint masterpieces. You can see both ends of the artistly spectrum below, but we highly recommend visiting the thread for more wholesome goodness. You deserve it. 

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