Astrology Memes To Round Out Virgo Season

If we’re being honest, astrology is hated by so many people because women love it. That’s it! That’s the only reason. It’s such a joke because there’s nothing so harmful or irrational in believing in any aspect of astrology. Everyone believes in things that are not completely rational or supported by hard evidence, and if you don’t think that applies to you, you’re fooling yourself. So many men like to act like they are they are completely rational people, not affected by any subjective outside forces. To that, I say, what about religion? What about superstition? What makes astrology inferior to other beliefs that harm nobody and help people live their lives better? 

The girls that get zodiac signs get it, and the girls that don’t don’t. If the vast majority of astrology fans are women, far be it from me to withhold girly astrology memes from them. 

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