Cringe YouTuber Gets Roasted for Begging Followers to Pre-Save Her Music

Lael Hansen is a former YouTuber who has gained over 1 million subscribers over the years for her reaction videos. Now Lael’s on TikTok and she’s doing something a little different. The 21-year-old internet personality has moved on to music, and she’s attempting to use viral marketing to get her career off the ground. In a recent TikTok that now has over 9 million views, Lael begs her followers to pre-save her new song ‘My Life is Boring’ on Spotify. She says, ‘I’m an artist from the middle of nowhere. I’ve never gotten lucky, or had any overnight success because I refuse to sell my soul. My life is pretty boring, but I know my music is special and my videos are gonna win a Grammy.’ TikTok brutally roasted Lael in the comments, pointing to her YouTube success as a contradiction to the narrative she’s peddling. Despite the overwhelmingly negative reaction to her TikTok, Lael’s song did gain the pre-saves she so hoped for.

In Oscar Wilde’s famous novel The Picture of Dorian Gray, Lord Henry says to Basil the painter, ‘there is only one thing in the world worse than being talked about, and that is not being talked about.’ Though riddled with cynicism, Lord Henry had a point. And in today’s hyper-individualistic world of self-branding, clout-chasing and narcissism, the kids are learning that any publicity is good publicity. You gotta wonder, is there even a soul to sell anymore? Whether Lael knows she’s being cringe or is blissfully unaware is beside the point, because whatever she’s doing, it’s working to her benefit. I mean, I’m writing about this crap too, aren’t I? Anyway, keep scrolling for the whole picture of Lael Hansen. 

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