‘Emily In Parasite’ Is A Scathing & Satirical Mashup Account

It’s nearly impossible to avoid mentions of Netflix’ Emily In Paris as of late. The series was released on October 2, and pretty much everyone on Twitter has an opinion about the show. The series follows Emily Cooper, an American who’s just relocated to Paris for a job with a French marketing company. Emily, who is played by Lily Collins, is pretty, perky, and is also a terrible (and terribly on-point) caricature of the way Americans behave in foreign countries. 

Emily routinely rejects French culture, scoffing at everything from cliche French smoking habits to simply dining out. This pompous attitude has been widely criticized in the media, for good reason. Instead of trying to accept the ways of her new city, she seems to turn her nose up at it, consistently mocking customs that are really pretty benign.

This superior attitude is marvelously called out by a brilliant new Instagram account, @emilyinparasite. The page mixes cringey images of Emily Cooper with stills from Bong Joon-ho’s Parasite. The film, a social satire that highlights class discrimination, is a perfect foil for Cooper’s character. The photoshopped images make for some truly unhinged commentary. We’ve included their latest spicy posts, but we implore you to follow for more brilliant content.

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