Girl Mortified By Uncensored Photo On Google Street View

Since its inception, Google Street View has been an endless source of entertainment for the terminally bored. The world is a fascinating place, and you never know what you might find by dropping yourself on a random street somewhere. A select few can even find themselves on the app, although some are in a more compromising position than others.

This was the case for Paris Barfoot, who shared a video revealing her own Big Tech paparazzi shot. The image is shot on the street where she lives and shows her reaching out to clean a window while wearing pajamas. To make matters worse, her face is also uncensored. Embarrassed by the photo, she jokes that it is her «13th reason» — but she is far from alone in her experience. Multiple viewers commented to share their own experiences of Google’s all-seeing eye, some of which are even more mortifying. It’s all the more reason to look your best whenever you go outside, because you never know when you might be immortalized by a car with a camera on top of it. 


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