LGBT Memes To Hold You Over Until Pride Season

Hi Gay! On Friday, we celebrated Trans Day of Visibility, which made me all the more excited for Pride month this June. It really couldn’t come quicker. The LGBT community has had a rocky year since Pride 2022. There’s been a massive increase in anti-LGBT protests, and bigots are bringing back old-school techniques for hating on us. Calling queer people «groomers» and accusing us of all matters of horrific crimes was the kind of anti-gay rhetoric you used to see in the 70s and 80s, not in a post-Obergefell world. «Groomer» is the easiest accusation in the book, and there’s not a lick of truth to it. Rhetorically, it’s a huge problem because the conversation is being monopolized by these accusations, which means queer people have to spend a lot of energy trying to convince someone arguing in bad faith that they’re not groomers. It’s a scary time for the LGBT community, but at least we’ve got memes to help us get through it. 

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