People Discuss The Dumbest Lies They’ve Ever Heard

Who among us hasn’t gone through a bit of a lying phase? I was never a pathological liar, but in my youth, I tended to stretch the truth a bit to make my life seem more interesting. I would tell my mom stories that never happened, like claiming I had a wacky substitute teacher that day when in reality, I had a completely normal substitute teacher. I would also lie about my dreams, making up wild scenarios about what happened in the realm of sleep. The best part about dream lies was that they didn’t hurt anybody (except maybe God).

A level of skill goes into being a good liar, and some people don’t have it. Whether you’re a 3rd grader or a 75-year-old man, you’ve probably heard some obviously fake stories in your days. Redditors recently shared some of the dumbest lies they’ve ever heard, and they’ve got to be seen not to be believed. 

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