Restaurant Worker Memes For Front and Back of House Alike

Working at a restaurant is kind of bad for your health. I’ve seen both front of house and back of house people succumb to alcoholism, drug addiction, burnout and dark depression. I’ve experienced some of these ails as well. Unfortunately, working a high-paced and high-stress job kind of goes along with those pitfalls. But for all the glaring problems with restaurant work, the industry can help people develop much-needed empathy and compassion. Servers, bartenders, and even broke line cooks are known to be some of the best tippers around. That’s because we give a sh*t. Working in service is something that everyone should do, but it’s not the for the faint of heart. Here are some memes for the real ones who do the dirty work. The people who make magic in the kitchen and the people who navigate communication with insufferable Karens. We see you. 

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