Serious Science Diagrams That Look Like Elaborate Jokes

We are indebted to science when it comes to a lot of things. The reason we enjoy all the wonders of modern medicine and technology are entirely because of the advancements it has made, and there are only going to be more to come. 

Despite all the things that it has given us, the subject also has a reputation for being a little sterile. It’s hard to be goofy when you have no choice but to be empirical. That being said, it often manages to bypass this hurdle anyway. The most important medium for this? Seriously sh*tposty diagrams. 

From textbooks to infographics, the scientifically inclined have a way of putting things that can be entertaining to even the unenlightened. Nowhere knows this better than science diagrams & infographics that look like sh*tposts, which collects all the best examples of this phenomenon. Those eggheads sure can get wacky when they want to. 

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