Doctor Roasted For Claiming He Doesn’t Use Personal Hygiene Products

Keeping clean can be a controversial topic. While you might think the fact that we invented soap thousands of years ago would make the need to wash an open and shut case, there are a scary amount of people who get tetchy over the details. From whether or not it’s important to floss to how we shower our legs, every aspect of bodily cleanliness seems to be up for debate in certain circles. Although there are some legitimate reasons why some may have poor personal hygiene, it’s not beyond the rest of us to fit in a quick teeth, face, and body scrub every day, replete with the appropriate products.

If some supposed professionals are anything to go by, though, most of us are doing this wrong. «Animal-based» diet advocate @carnivoremd2 raised eyebrows earlier this month for his claim that he used no personal hygiene products apart from water, because his lifestyle and the way that he ate already gave him a natural level of cleanliness. Existing on a diet of meat, fruit, raw dairy, and honey, his suggestion that these products were simply adding unnecessary extra chemicals to his body was not taken kindly by many viewers. The ‘wear the deodorant with aluminium’ crowd aren’t wrong when it comes to warm weather, no matter how many raw organs you choose to consume.

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