Great News: The Guys Who Asked The Internet For More Friends Have A Whole Gang Now

If you needed to see something heart warming today, this is it. There’s been an update on the best friends who took to TikTok to ask more people to hang out with them, and it provides guaranteed good vibes. Brently and Jeafry posted their video last month, inviting potential new friends to meet up and spend time with each other. After the video went viral, they faced a mixed response to their request. Some people judged them for being so open about their lack of friends in such a public way, although just as many rushed to defend the duo from this criticism.

Thankfully, their supporters seem to have won out. In a pair of videos posted recently, Brently revealed that they had attended a meetup in the park with thirty different people and had kept it touch with several of them to hang out at a later date. Describing the event as «the greatest day of my life», he expressed thanks for everything from the taxi driver that took them there to his breakfast omelet — and his new buddies too, of course. Here’s hoping that these newfound friendships last in the long term.

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