Scary Movie Memes For Horror Fanatics

In my experience, there are very few casual fans of horror movies. People love horror movies with all of their hearts or cannot stand them. When I was in high school, I was friends with horror-obsessed kids. Every sleepover, we would watch something insanely loud and incredibly terrifying. We knew our way around a Ouija board, and one of my friends claimed to be a 100% genuine psychic. She claimed she could talk to ghosts, which totally drained her energy. We had at least three sessions of asking her endless questions about the ghosts that allegedly haunted our community theatre. To this day, I still have yet to ask her if her psychic powers were actually real. Part of me knows it’s very likely she was trying to impress our amateur ghost-hunting group, but part of me still wants to believe her. If it was fake, it was a compelling performance! Whatever it was, we were lucky that the ghostly parts of our lives began and ended there. 

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