The Cringiest Mommy Facebook Posts of the Week (May 15, 2023)

It’s time for us to face the facts: we give moms a lot of slack in this series. There are a lot of cringe mothers out in the world who detox their children from heavy metals and squirt breastmilk in their eyes when they get a stye.  Even though they have some wacky ideas, they’re not complete monsters. They’re just women who’ve been sucked into a weird online subculture

It’s easy to criticize mothers for a myriad of reasons. It’s far too natural for us to fall into misogynistic thought patterns and blame mothers for everything. If you’ve ever scrolled through the comments of an Instagram reel made by a mother, there are no limits to what people will criticize. If you’re a mother who wants to see that other mothers are doing a worse job than you to feel better about yourself, you’ll adore these cringey mommy Facebook posts. 

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