21 Wine Memes For Sommeliers

My friends and I recently got into a rousing discussion about what activities could be considered a hobby. Some things are so obviously hobbies that they require no further explanation: crocheting, improv comedy, and adult sports leagues. Those are hobbies through and through. Weed and wine came up as things that are often considered hobbies when they perhaps shouldn’t be. I think weed and wine could be hobbies, but it depends on the person. I don’t think drinking excessive amounts of wine or smoking tons of weed makes a hobby. When somebody analyzes the taste and effects of these substances, then we get more into hobby territory. Likewise, eating a lot of food does not make a foodie. If you’ve spent years of your life tasting and analyzing different wines, who am I, a rube who drinks strawberry Barefoot wine, to say that you are not a hobbyist? Even if you simply drink a lot, I can’t take wine as a hobby away from you. If you’re a wine person of any kind, these wine memes are great for swirling around in your glass. 

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